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Link to entertainment not working

2: Seeker

I am 100% making a complain but wonder if anyone could help and give me any better help then the idiots on chat. 


A member of staff on the chat removed my Spotify free by accident last Thursday and I was told multiple times id get an email.. long story short i never got one, spoke to now 4 different members of the online team who aren’t helping and basically just lying.. supposedly would 100% work tonight with a new link.. surprise surprise still no email as promised.. I’ve tried everything


Just keep getting that message every link I click, I’ve had 6 different links which should work which haven’t. I’ve done everything.. I’m on 4g, I’ve cleared data and cache or whatever it’s called, I’ve tried online.. nothing!! I’m hitting a brick wall. 

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I'm sorry to hear you've been facing these issues with your Spotify Premium and that this was removed @96rebecca.

So I can help with getting this service added back onto your number, please follow the details I've sent to you via private message. A member of our team will then be in touch to resolve this for you.

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1: Seeker

I am having the same issue and it’s extremely frustrating.


24 7 chat not getting me anywhere.


Can someone please advise the fix?

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