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Live chat - All agents are busy

4: Newbie

As soon as I try and do a Live Chat and enter my details the following message appears. No matter how long I wait, or what time of day I chat in at I still receive this message.

Live Chat via the MyVodafone app however works ok, albeit rather crude and not so refined using the "in-app" browser.


Is this an error Vodafone are aware of and are looking at getting fixed?


All agents are busy

We apologise for the extended hold time. You’ll be placed in the queue as soon as we have some availability. Please feel free to visit our Supportsection for immediate help.

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@GStevens I used Live Chat the other day to check something on my account and managed to speak to an adviser. I've just tried to access it again now and am receiving the same error message which you've mentioned in your post. 

Is there anything that we're able to help with? 🙂

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4: Newbie

Thank you. I have had some qureies recently but have since solved these. I was unaware of whether Vodafone were aware of this issue so thought it best to raise it here.

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