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Login failure problem with my account

2: Seeker

Help!!! I am going round the twist trying to resolve this problem. I can't seem to be able to login to my account online and have been unable to since before Christmas! I have lost count of the number of times I have phoned Vodafone or used the online chat facility to try and resolve this. Basically each time I log in I am faced with this error message "We're working hard to fix the issue, so please try again later" I have been given new user names and countless "resets" of my account but still can't get in to check my bill, which is extremely annoying. I am hoping some one on here has had a similar problem and can advise on a solution. Thanks.

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17: Community Champion

Hello @GB6571



Can you think of anything that may have changed just before Christmas that could have caused this situation ?


What has Customer Services advised as to what's happening ?

What have they carried out thus far ?


May I ask have you also tried a different browser?


Or cleared the Cache and Cookies of the one your currently using ?


Is it possible any Security Suite or Firewall is hindering your login ?


Is your myvodafone App working at all ?


Appreciate you've been in contact with Customer Services who are the people that should be able to resolve this for you. 


We have Vodafone Tech Teams here who help customers too.  They read all posts so please hang in there for one of the Team to catch up with your thread. 





I would suggest that you follow the advice given from @BandOfBrothers.


Especially, cache clearing or using another browser.


Let us know how you get on.

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17: Community Champion

I once had a similar problem.   Tried all that, but it persisted.  In the end, a password reset by customer services fixed it.   In fact, you can do this yourself, and it's worth a try.   The issue I had was on the old billing system, and access issues are usually individual (there doesn't seem to be a common cause).   If Lee's suggestions and a password reset don't fix it, post back here and the team will be able to delve deeper.

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16: Advanced member

It might help to describe the specifics of the problem here.


Is it your username and/or password it doesn't like or can you log in but not see an account?


My friend had the latter problem (albeit she was PAYG) where she'd sign in with her username and password but instead of getting to the security page, she'd see a 'we need to link your account to a phone number'.


Phoned customer care, they set up a new onine account (couldn't link it to the username she already had), worked great for a couple of weeks before happening again.


Ended up with two online accounts but neither linked to her account. She solved it in the end by getting a PAC code.

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2: Seeker

I have tried numerous browsers, clearing the cache etc but doesn't help.

I really am at the end of mt tether with this. Is there anything that can be done?

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17: Community Champion

Did you try a password reset?


Also, can you get access via the My Vodafone app?   This has very broad functionality these days, and may do all you require.

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