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Pay monthly

MPS Line Rental

1: Seeker

I've just got a new Pay Monthly contract and I'm new to Vodaphone. I've already paid the upfront cost of the handset. I placed the order on Saturday, it is now Tuesday when I picked up the phone. I've looked at my online bill and it is DOUBLE the amount which was agreed to. When I looked into it it said it was for a 'MPS line rental'. What is this and why was I not made aware of it earlier? My bill has gone from £33 to £66. This is a complete scam and not okay

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17: Community Champion

Hi @chrisfat 


MPS line rental are pro ratered line rental charges.


When you start your contract, as line rental is paid in advance, you will be charged one months line rental, plus one month in advance.  You usually receive the first month within the first week of joining, if the bill has been produced, you need to check the dates you have been billed, you have two months line rental, December and January.


Further information here: First Bill 

Understanding Bill Understanding My Bill 


If you need any further clarification, Customer Services/live chat will be in a position to go through the bill with you and explain all the charges.

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