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1: Seeker

Hi all,

On June 1st, I've seen a deal to get a Pixel 3 on at a reasonable price, on the Vodafone network.

I've seen an advertisement on a bus that says I could get Spotify premium if I'd get a "red plan" (at the time and until today, I didn't know there was a difference between a "red extra" and a "red entertainement" plan).

Before I purchased the phone, I decided to chat with a Vodafone adviser and asked if the plan I was about to chose (I copied/pasted it) would include Spotify premium - the answer was "yes".

Sadly, for some reason I couldn't get a transcript of the chat.

The same afternoon, I purchased the phone and got the contract.

After 12 days, the phone was still untouched and the SIM card unactivated (I had 14 days to return the phone and could still return it), I decided to chat again with a Vodafone adviser and asked him to check my contract to see if I could get Spotify Premium. I've been asked my email adress, my new phone number, my DOB and my postcode. And the advisor answered "yes" again. I have a transcript of this chat.

Yesterday, I opened the phone and decided to activated the new SIM card (I was on another network before, I had my phone number transfered this morning). This afternoon, I tried to activate Spotify Premium and I've been asked to pay £9,99 a month.

I called the Voadfone team, spent an hour on the phone, and I 've been told "no, you won't get Spotify, you don't have a Red entertainment plan, you've been misadvised by the advisor, he didn't check the right account, but there's nothing we can do".

I find it absolutely outrageous: I can no longer cancel my contract (the 14 day cancellation period is over and I opened the phone yesterday), I would have saved £240 by getting spotify premium for free for 2 years, but Vodafone doesn't want to take responsability for the mistakes made by one of their team and I seem to be stuck with this company for 24 months. It is unfair and infuriating.

From a legal point of view, it seems to me that I 've entered a contract after a misrepresentation - which falls under the Misrepresentation Act 1967.

I hope I won't need to go to court to see Vodafone compensates the mistake of one of their employees. In the meantime, I'm considering cancelling all future payments.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @FrancoisL 


The problem you are going to have here is you are a third party customer, all Vodafone are responsible for is providing the airtime on behalf of the third party.


However, as your account is up and running, Vodafone may be able to change you tariff to include entertainment.  It would also be worth mentioning that your account starts the day you receive the SIM if you activate the SIM 2 weeks later you still have those two week to pay for.


The best way to get this solved and ask if it is possible is by using live chat, they will be able to look at your account and advise further.


If you have problems please come back to the forum and the Team will intervene.


Good luck.

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17: Community Champion



Did you take out the contract directly with the independent or Vodafone?


Vodafone offer a 30 day cooling off period.


If via the independent then youd need to check with their Terms and conditions.


It's also the independent that sets up the contract so really its them you need to engage with I would think. 


The Vodafone Social Media Teams via Facebook and Twitter which are the official pages  have account access and maybe able to help. 


My apologies at having to send you elsewhere to engage with Vodafone UK as I appreciate you came here , signed up and created a post to reach out for help but the Team here can no longer help with Account based issues.


But it's the same Social Media Teams here that help and assist via Facebook and Twitter.


Things have changed as they have decided that help and assistance with account based issues would be best supported that way.


I appreciate not everyone wants to use Social Media however it takes but a few moments to create a Twitter or Facebook account and then can be forgotten if necessary. Just a thought.


Please remember to include the link to your forum post, along with your username.

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@FrancoisL It's a real shame to hear of the experience you've had since taking out a contract on our network, I appreciate how unsatisfying and frustrating this must be. I'd love the opportunity to turn this around and help get things resolved for you. In order to do this, I'll need to investigate into your account - please contact our team via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or get in touch on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Don't forget to include the link to this thread, along with your username.

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