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Miss sold agreement - Vodafone acknowledged but refused to act

3: Seeker

I don't ever answer any cold calls except from that one time.... and how strongly do I regret now.


You're being told that it's offer for you, completely free tablet as a recognition of a valuable and loyal customer... and now I'm counting days to the day when I'm able to cancel all my contracts with Vodafone. This is what dishonest sales representatives do.


So, I had this call from you the guy and the only reason I answered was that the call was from my local area number and I never expected it to be cold call. Anyway, I answered and was offered a tablet (which to be honest I didn’t ever need) which was supposed to be a gift and the only charge I will ever pay was £2.50 contribution towards the data usage.


Fair enough, I said why not. I asked to confirm all details again and agreed. Next day it came and everything was ok until I got next bill. From the bill I’m finding out that I’d entered 12 months Global roaming contract at £12/month. I got in touch with customer service through phone and then chat and it got acknowledged that I was miss sold the agreement and after they reviewed the record of the call, they admitted that sales person provided false information.


VOD-SKanwar: So we will make sure necessary action will be taken for it. So that it doesn't happen again with any of our customer.

VOD-SKanwar: Pawel as you are not happy with the contract, let me inform you are still under a cooling off period till 16/06/2019.

Me: Well there are some dishonest people there to be fair

VOD-SKanwar: So you can return the device back to our nearest Vodafone store and the contract will be cancelled free of cost for you.

VOD-SKanwar: I sincerely apologies for the experience you had. I will make sure Pawel a proper feedback is shared for the advisor failure and necessary action will be taken for it internally.


I got to store to return and Saturday (last day of the cooling off period) and they refuse to take it back. Because it was used and there is scratch on the screen. Of course, it was used, it didn’t sit in a box for a month – it was used by my son. Totally didn’t want to know about anything about the case. Just said if they took it back, I will have to pay £200 fine… well the value of the device is around £100. It’s disgusting and ridicules in essence.


So now since they admitted that it was miss sold and the sells person used false information, where do I stand? I’m thinking requesting the record of the call before they delete from system.


I’ve been with Vodafone for few years now and to be fair, the customer service wasn’t bad. But I cannot understand how can such a massive company be so carless. There is no was way they will retain customer after such treatment.

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17: Community Champion

I've seen past posts where a person thinks they are being given a tablet for loyalty only to find out its attached to a contract.

Usually this is found out after receiving the email with the info on. 


If this had been my situation I would have packed it up and returned it on day 1 so there was no possible accidental damage to the device and I would have taken date and time stamped pictures of the device. I 


You would need to check the terms and conditions of returning a device within the 30 days cooling off period @paszczaqp  to clarify Vodafones stance on returned items and their condition. 




All Equipment must be in a like-new condition (this includes where applicable, the mobile device, charger, headphones, battery, instructions, and other products that came with your order) "



Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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3: Seeker

Thanks for that. Interestingly it says that if the item is damaged, they can charge for up to 40% of the value. Rep at store said £200 fine.


If she was competent enough, I would happy pay 40% just in order to get out from the contract and never ever do anything with Vodafone again.

3 months left of broadband contract and 9 months mobile…. Never ever again anything to do with Vodafone



Check that your item is undamaged (i.e. there are no cracks, chips or visible signs of wear and tear) and in its original packaging (if you have it). If you return a damaged item to us, you may be charged up to 40% of its value.

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@paszczaqp It's really disappointing to hear you've had this experience with the tablet contract you've been unaware of, I appreciate how frustrating and unsatisfying this must be. So we're able to take a closer look into this and help you the best that we can, please get in touch via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or contact us on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Please remember to include the link to this thread, along with your username. 

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