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Missing payment

2: Seeker

I paid my bill on Fri 4/1/19 and vodafone have not recieved it...My bank says they have and the money is out of my account and i have a reference number etc from the bank....I got a text from vodafone asking me to prove the details etc through this app but i don't understand what i need to do.....

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Emzlou76


It depends how the bill was paid, if it was online through your account it can take a little longer to be allocated to your account.  If you paid the bill on the Friday, it would have left your pending balance on your bank account on the Monday evening and would take a couple of days before your Vodafone account showed the payment.  If you are going to be paying manually there is the automated payment service on 56677, this way the payment goes straight to your account.


To save this worry on a monthly basis, it is recommended to set up a direct debit.


The best thing to do is to wait until the forum team pick up the thread, they will be able to provide the necessary account access.



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2: Seeker

I paid via the 56677 number 

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@Emzlou76 We'd be happy to have a check on your account and look into the billing side of things to try and locate this payment. If you've paid via the automated service, it's likely your payment has been received and if so, we'll be able to provide confirmation of this. 

So we're able to get started, please get in touch using the link in my private message

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