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Mobile Wifi device not connecting, "Status: Disconnected," asking for login

3: Seeker

Hi everyone. Hopefully someone here can help me since, as usual, Vodafone customer service basically just shrugged and then ignored me. Then the login site went down, as it seems to do at least once virtually every day. I don't know why I bother...


I have a Mobile Wifi device that completely out of the blue stopped connecting to the internet, and started re-routing me to the vodafonemobile.wifi router status page, and telling me to "login to connect to the internet," like if you were trying to connect to the router at a public cafe or something, over and over and over again.


I login on the .wifi site and nothing changes, of course. and I can't connect to anything outside of the .wifi site.


The right-hand status bar says I'm receiving a strong 3g signal: all 5 bars are green.


And yet, it still reads, "Status: Disconnected," and won't load anything except the .wifi status page.


On hardware end, I don't see any issues. I am connecting to the router just fine. The password's correct. My computer is able to connect to the internet on other connections.


On the account end, my month just rolled over and I still have, like, 30gb of data available. I certainly haven't been cut off.


I have tried restarting the router, re-seating the SIM card, giving it time, and of course, wasting precious moments of my youth talking into the void that is Vodafone's customer service department.


Can anyone help?

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17: Community Champion




It sounds like you already carried out quite a lot of self diagnosing and troubleshooting.


I'm assuming no firewall or security suite is causing any block. 


You say this is happening every day. 


If everything else is looking as it should then This points me to the issue possibly being....


  1. The Mobile Wifi Device is at fault. 
  2. The Sim Card has developed a fault. 

A Vodafone store can replace the SIM card if necessary. 

A Vodafone Store can arrange for the device to be looked at. 


Vodafones Help & Support Pages. 




3: Seeker

Tried my best!


Nope, haven't changed anything about my security lately.


No, this is the first time this has happened. What seems to happen every day is that the Vodafone website itself goes down ("Sorry, we're tweaking things, please try again later..."). This is why I was kicked off my chat assistance session last night. *sigh*


...And just as suddenly and magically as it happened, my mobile router has now just as magically fixed itself! Huzzah? I just shut it down, went to sleep, and when I got back on in the morning, it was working.


Thanks for the suggestions though. If this happens again, I'll see about swapping the SIM card. That would be my first guess, since the router is evidently capable of connecting to *something* (since it was still able to load the vodafone.wifi status page, if nothing else).


But right now I'm wondering if the Vodafone online infrastructure being disrupted was the cause, rather than a fault with my router. It is interesting that the website login page was down at the same time my router was.

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17: Community Champion

Well it's good to hear things are back up running as it should be. 


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