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Moving number vodaphone to vodaphone

2: Seeker

hi. bought new contract + phone thru carphone warehouse. got issued new number and thought it would be easy to move new contract to old number. this hasnt happened even though ive done sim swap (old number to new sim) and looks like ive lost old number but i desperately want to have it back!

Can anyone help? Please? 191 are useless right now.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @ymahay 


Unless you cancelled the previous contract, you won't have lost the number.


You can't do a SIM swap from old phone to new number.  When you puchase a contract through a third party, you need to cancel the old contract and then move the number.


The easiest way to do this is to port out the old contract number and then port back in on the new third party contract.  Alternatively, put the previous contract number on PAYG taking 30 days to complete and transfer the number to the new third party contract.


To get your PAC text PAC to 65075, you will then receive a PAC by text, this will enable you to port the number out to any other network, when the number has been moved to the alternative network follow this link to transfer to the new third party contract. Keep My Number 


The information on moving to PAYG is also on the link, follow the information to keep the PAYG number.


Both methods will cancel the previous contract leaving you with two final bills, the final will be be 0.00 confirming there is nothing further owing on the contract.


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2: Seeker

thanks Anns.

i did manage to move my old number to my new sim but still have the new number and am currently unable to recieve calls / texts on old number. 


will give the information in your link a go.

Thanks !


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