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Moving numbers between two contracts...

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2: Seeker



I have two Vodafone contracts:


Contract 1: SIM only 12 month contract which comes to an end in December. Had this for 20 years or so with Vodafone directly.


Contract 2: Bought with a phone via 24 month contract 1 month in.


This works well as I need the two phones at the mo whilst contracting.


However in December Ill only need one number again. At this point will it be possible to transfer the number from contract 1 (which will be at the end of its 12 months) on to contract 2 (which will have 18 months to go) to replace the number on there?


Would I need to go via payg or something like that or should it be fairly easy?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Matt1e


That should be simple enough for Vodafone to do but you will need to terminate contract 1. 


The quickest way to get this done would be to ask Vodafone for a PAC, port out of Vodafone to an alternative network on PAYG, this is going to mean having to top up a small amount and make a few chargeable activities to get the number active on the other network and back onto contract 2, this will then replace the number on contract 2. Alternatively, ask Vodafone to put contract 1 number on PAYG, due to 30 days notice, this will take 30 days to complete.


When the number has moved complete the keep my number form on the link here: keep My Number