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2: Seeker

Hello I require urgent assistance with my vodafone account. I have forgotten to pay my bills (which I take full responsibility for) and now I am unable to even sign in. To sign in I require a security code sent to my vodafone number but I am currently in another country and either A) It won't send internationally or B) I cannot receive it cause my network no longer works (due to the unpaid bills). I have no other number on the account that the code could be sent to. Every time I try to call customer service I never get to talk to a rep and the automated voice message tells me they either aren't available or that my issue is not important enough to deal with right now. I need urgent help with this please. I have absolutely no way of accessing my account and now I've gotten some message from a debt help agency that partners with vodafone about my bills. I would pay the bills IF I COULD ACCESS MY ACCOUNT. I do not want this to get any worse but every attempt to get the code or contact vodafone directly has failed, and I am of course unable to actually go to a physical store.

Any help is appreciated thank you.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @apt1 


A person can usually set up the code to go to another number but I'm assuming the account has been suspended.


I would suggest to use the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries to ask what can be done.

The usual methods for contact while in the Uk or while abroad are within contact-us. 

But due to the COVID-19 pandemic this is what's happening right now.


If a debt collection agency has been engaged by Vodafone then I assume this must have been going on for some time as Vodafone typically chase payment themselves, then restrict outgoing services then eventually leading to an account being stopped and debt collection agencies being used ?

Vodafone have sold the debt to them which usually means you owe the debt collection agencies the funds.

Also please be aware Vodafone may have put a default on your Credit File which lasts for 6 years and wouldn't be removed if warranted which from what you write it is.

Paying the monies owed would change the status of the default from Outstanding to Settled but the actual default remains for 6 years.

Whether Vodafone then re open the contract is up to them.

I wish you all the best with this situation. 


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈  

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17: Community Champion

Hi @apt1 


For security reasons when the account is in default this will include your online account, the only way you are going to get access again is by bringing the account up to date.


It's a shame you didn't set up a direct debit before leaving the country, this would have saved all this worry.  When you call Vodafone on the number for calling from abroad  from any other phone +447836191191, you should be given the option to pay your bill with a UK registered credit or debit card without the need to speak to anyone.  If you have to speak to someone, with the COVID 19 and the Government advise to work from home, it will be a long wait to be connected but someone will answer.


When you have paid the bill if you are still unable to log on the Social Media Team will help.


edited to add:  If you have received letters from a debt collection agency, it looks like Vodafone have sold the debt and cancelled your account.  If this is what has happened, you will have to deal direct with the agency.




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