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NO 4G followed the To get your data up and running simply connect to WIFI and download your settings

2: Seeker

Had my 4G working all fine nothing wrong it at all then received the text messages saying "looks like you have swapped your SIM or updated your software if you want to keep using your data please update yourAPN settings" i then receive the next message asking me to click the link and connect to WIFI and download my settings. I then clicked the link and it then took me to the Safari on my IPhone 6 PLUS and then asked me if i want to allow the update. I clicked allow and turned off my WIFI to then all of a sudden my 4G data stopped working. I then did a hard reset on my handset, i even removed my SIM from the phone, made sure my mobile data network was connected with the right details from the website for my APN and nothing has worked. I then followed the link in the text again to download the settings again, after went into my settings>general>profiles to then install it, but still nothing working.. i wish i never clicked the stupid link as i basicall shut off my 4G data for no reason at all! Was working all fine before i did anything 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Alexandra0020


When you receive the configuration message the advise is to text WEB to 40127. This will update your SIM on the network. 


If there are any further issues live chat or Customer Services will help. 

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