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Network disconnection and trying to reconnect

2: Seeker

I suddenly lost network reception on Monday 19th at around 1pm.


I went on live chat and the technical team put it down to some issues that were being resolved in the my area. Funny enough my colleagues that were also on Vodafone weren't affected...


So I still had no working phone. Next day on Tuesday 20th I call and the service advisor tries to troubleshoot, but can't and says I need to visit my local Vodafone store for a possible sim swap. So I set off to my local one to see if they can troubleshoot. They try the sim and said a new SIM won't resolve the issue. They did further digging into my account in their system and my number is listed as INACTIVE on their system. I have two numbers on the account and the other one is active.


So I call Vodafone customer services again, but from the store itself this time. This time I explain to them that their own system shows it as inactive, so requested them to activate it. He runs through some manual steps on his end and says it wil take between 4-24 hours for it to reactivate.


So I wait...24 hours later brings me into Wednesday 20th and surprise.. still no signal/service. I pester Customer services and on web chat and they both say it is pending and it should be done by the end of the day. Last person I speak to says it will take 3-5 days for reactivation! 


Naturally I'm fuming as they can't even say as to why I've been disconnected and why it's taking so long for reactivation.


I'm actually scared that they have no idea what they are doing and worried I might actually lose my number at this rate!


Any ideas on what I can do?? Any Vodafone moderators who know what they are doing can help me?


Any help appreciated.

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17: Community Champion

I can certainly understand why you would be frustrated with this @jeyeshp 


Sometimes things do go wrong which I'm sure many accept. 

It's then down to how this is put right which instils confidence back into the product and services. 


We have a Vodafone Social Media Team here on the forum but they do not deal with account based issues here.


You would need to engage with them via Vodafone Facebook and Vodafone Twitter.


If you engage with them please link back to your thread here and include your forum username to hasten up assistance.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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