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New Business Customer

2: Seeker

I have just joined Vodafone as a business customer.

Getting started and receiving my new phone no problems.

It started with my first bill.

Bill's are paid by DD .

My first payment went out as expected

But they keep re-attemting payment.

I've checked my account and it clearly lists the payment and says faid in full no outstanding balance owed.

Does anybody else have this problem?

Either business or contract customers.

I managed to speak to an advisor but they just said it's done automatically at there end.

So contacted my bank who said they will not charge me for each request from Vodafone after the payment was made.

So short of cancellation of DD 

I don't know what to do.

Vodafone said if I cancelled DD

They would restrict my service under the contract.



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17: Community Champion

Something's definitely not right here.   This forum is mainly intended for private customers, so I'm not absolutely sure whether the procedures for business customers are quite the same.   However, in the first instance, talk to the Social Media team on Facebook or Twitter.   Even if they can't help you, they shuld be able to point you in the right direction.

I don't think your service would be restricted if you cancelled the DD unless a payment was missed, but you'd clearly want it to be in place for future payments anyway.

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