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New Vodafone customer - Vodafone app not working

1: Seeker

I’ve just joined Vodafone today and so far everything works well but the Vodafone app as I receive an error there is a slight technical difficulty [...].


I’ve done the typical troubleshooting steps as described in various threads here but to no avail. This includes: deleting iCloud backup of the app, downloading with mobile internet instead of WiFi, and restarting the phone. I’ve also contacted Vodafone via Live Chat but they were unable to offer any other support than reiterating the troubleshooting steps. Also, I can login into my account on Safari just fine.


Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @deejko


If you have only joined Vodafone until you out of the pro rated billing period and have received the first bill with some billing information to view there will always be a delay before the application works and you are able to view some account information.


However, you should be able to register your online account and download the application for when your account is fully active on the network.  If you are using WiFi, you need to turn off your WiFi and use mobile internet for the first time when accesssing the application, this is needed for the application to find your account, if your online account is up and runnng, this will help the application to follow.


If you continue to experience issues and the application is not working next week please come back to the forum.


Further information below.


First Bill


My Vodafone Application