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Pay monthly

New sim still not connected

4: Newbie

I had a new pay monthly sim delivered to me Friday 6/12/19 from Affordable Mobiles. 
It was still not connected Saturday I spoke with them and they said it was all sent to you to create and activate the account and the fault is your end. I have contacted you twice on online chat and been told it will be activated within a couple of hours but still nothing. I do not know the phone number but I have an account number I also wanted to port my number in but my EE sim is still working. 

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17: Community Champion

Have you tried turning your phone Off and On and or chose another network in your phone and then re choose Vodafone UK @deanwall2 

Sometimes we do see that when a contract is taken out with a 3rd party then there can be a slight delay in getting things activated due to the 3rd party not being fast at updating Vodafone UK with the new contract details.

If Vodafone UK have been given your details then they should get you up and running as fast as possible.

A person can ring 191 or use the landline number in Contact-us to speak with customer services and or engage with the Vodafone Social Media Teams  

To help explain your move of your number to Vodafone then this may help 》 Switch-to-Vodafone/How-do-I-join-Vodafone-with-a-PAC-or-STAC-code. 


Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @deanwall2 


The problem you are going to have is numbers are not ported over a weekend on any network,  with it being a Friday when you received the phone from Affordable Mobiles, the PAC would not have been activated by Vodafone until it was received today.  Porting should take around 24 hours to complete and providing Vodafone have received all your details from the third party, the number should be online with Vodafone by late tomorrow afternoon.


Usually a quick turn on and turn off does the trick but sometime it may be beneficial to try doing a network roam from your network settings.


In the meantime, until your number has been ported, you will still have service on your EE SIM, as soon as your EE SIM displays No Service, your number should have moved to Vodafone.


There is further information here:  What happens on the day my number moves to Vodafone? 





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