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No access to my account for months now

4: Newbie

Used to have 5 phones with Voda, down to 2 now.  Tried and tried every month to have access to my account for itemized bill.  Spent hours on the phone, and again today for another hour, despite getting a bill for more than £200, still can’t get onto my account.  

Loads of excuses, from wait 24 hrs as Vodaphone are updating their systems (had this loads of times) to just follow these new instructions to because you haven’t been on your account for so long, it’s gonna take time to get back on, yeah right.  Absolutely disgraceful.  Felt sorry for he girl today, there was nothing she could do to give me access to my account.  Any suggestions.  Complained online but not holding my breath.  Will be leaving ASAP but meanwhile would like access to my account.  Total disgrace!


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @lancslass061


When you mention you have cancelled 3 lines, the first thing that comes to mind is one of the cancelled numbers being the main primary number on the account.


If this is correct, when you cancelled the main primary number it would have knocked out the remaining numbers on the account.  This would mean having to set up a new online account for the remaining numbers, the new account will need fresh information  from the original account, different user name/email address and  password, you won't be able to use any log in information associated with the original account.


It is advisable to clear cookies, PC cache before setting up the new account and once registered should do the trick and you should then also be in a position to download the phone application.


If you still need help, please come back to the forum and one of the Team will be able to look at your account and make sure you have online billing access.