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OneNet Anywhere

1: Seeker

Hi all


I'm considering getting OneNet Anywhere on my (currently single phone) business account. I have a few questions about it, though:

1) Is it possible to have OneNet calls come in with a different ringtone? I would like to be able to easily distinguish between calls coming in on the virtual landline and those coming in on my mobile number.

2) Is there any way to connect, say, a VoIP phone to it in addition to the mobile (so I can have a desk phone on the landline as well as my mobile)?

3) Does anyone have any experience with it? How well has it worked for you?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @drmouse, I understand how exciting our One Net Business is! You can be more responsive, more efficient and more productive - allowing you and your employees to work more collaboratively.  You can view more information on this service here, along with the relevant contact numbers to reach our dedicated team on 🙂

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