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2: Seeker

Hi folks,


I hope someone can help. I got my new Vodafone contract phone and was delighted. My wife was impressed enough that she decided to go for the same on Saturday night. She got all the emails about her account being added and arranged during the order process for it to be delivered tomorrow 24th July 2019.

(this order wa replaced just before the planned maintenance)


By today there was no update on delivery time so she went onto live chat and had a rather long conversation with a chat agent not in the UK.


Anyway the agent advised her that it was definitley coming tomorrow and the system was just completing the final credit checks (we know these will be okay) and she will receive an email shortly with a tracking number.


There is still no email but she has a web order number starting WEB-


As the online order checking link is down is there anyway she can check about deliver so as she does not take a day off work for nothing?


UPDATE: Spoke to the lovely Danielle in Belfast, the order did not go through and she has sorted it. All good now.









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17: Community Champion

Hi @scotty-66 


The first thing to do is to clear the PC cache and cookies and see if that helps the next log on.


If the order was made Saturday evening, the credit check would not have been completed until yesterday.


Vodafone should keep you updated throughout the order process and providing everything is working Vodafone end, you will receive an updated despatch email, with trackable information. You should be able to view the order when the web number has been generated but it will only be basic confirmation of the order. 


If the phone is going to be delivered tomorrow, your Wife should receive a text in the morning with an approximate delivery time, this may save having to stay home all day.


I always like to suggest click and collect, this can make it easier when the phone can be collected from a store.


edit. just noticed your update.  ignore my reply.

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