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Online services

1: Seeker

What an absolute nightmare their online services are ...


While the people are nice, the result is that after 4 days of trying I still can't get into my account, having tried all the reset options, and go tin touch with their helpline twice, getting them to reset it all, which still didnt work.


I gave my number using spaces and the person on the other end, came back and said my number does not exist, they had actually put the spaces in when searcing for my account..

I have messages saying my email is not valid despite the fact they have sent me emails, and have reset my email twice on their system.

The temporary password simply didnt work, as a last ditch attempt I will have to go to a vodafone shop and get them to try and sort this out, not that I have the itme for this but guess I will have to find it.

So if anyone from vodafone is reading this then please email me the email you have on record and the password.




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12: Established

For some reason Vodafone's systems seem to cling on to old bits of information. If you use any data that has already been associated with you it either regenerates your old online account (along with any faults) or merges your old account with a new one, gets confused and crashes with an error.  No one seems to know why it happens or how to fix it as it's been happening for years..



Get them to delete your online account again and then re-register your number online as a brand new account taking note of the following;

  Do not let them generate a username and password, insist on creating your own.

  Do not use any email address that has ever been associated with your Vodafone account.

  Do not use any password that has ever been associated with your Vodafone account.


After that you should be good to go.

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@PValentine We'd love to take a look into what's happening with your My Vodafone account 
So we can investigate in more depth, please check your private message inbox with details on how to get in touch.

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