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Opening new contract, keeping same number

2: Seeker

I currently have a contract but the account is in my mums name. The contract expires on 21/11/2020.
I am planning on cancelling the contract before the end date and taking out a new Vodafone contract through 

My question is, how I am I able to keep the phone number I currently use when I take out a NEW vodafone contract in my own name. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @BenSutton287 


The best way to proceed with this is to ask your Mother to do a change of ownership for the contract to your name.  Your Mother will need to complete the form on the following link for you to add your acceptance:  Transferring your number and agreement This will be subject to Vodafone's identity and credit check criteria.  Details here: Credit Checks 


When the contract is in your name the quickest way to get the number onto the new contract from the third party is to port out the number to any other network on PAYG by texting PAC to  65075 and port back in on the new third party contract by following this link: Keep My Number 


The other way is to ask your Mother to take out the third party contract proceed as above to transfer the number and then do the change of ownership.

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16: Advanced member

I'd do as AnnS advised with the port out and back in...


  1. Take the new deal through with a new number
  2. Get your PAC code (via text or My Vodafone) and port it to PAYG on another network (the sims are 99p at Tescos)
  3. When the port completes (next working day if done before 15:00), request a PAC from the new network (was a bit of a pain with EE, had to register a My EE account and generate it through there) and port back to Vodafone on your new contract
  4. Next working day, you have the right number working on the right account and all is good with the world

It's a bit long winded but you get exactly the result you want. No point going through the change of ownership process if you then get offered a worse deal that you would be taking from

It was the shocking upgrade deal that made me do it (although after I generated the PAC, I did get a save offer).

Good luck

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