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Outright purchasing question

2: Seeker

Hi there, I apologise if this is in the wrong section, but it's related to an iPhone 13 mini purchase, so thought this was probably the best place.


I'm currently in a situation where my phone has given up, I'm in need of a new phone and I've narrowed it down to the iPhone 13 mini. 

I'm currently in a contract with Vodafone but don't want to pay the early upgrade fee, and would rather purchase the new phone outright, run with it until the end of my contract and then change over to a sim only deal. 


My issue is that I don't have the entire money to hand until the end of next month. Is it possible to add the cost of the handset to my next bill as I would be able to with the early upgrade fee and the new handset cost? 


Thank you all in advance! 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @JK0540 


You're going to need to speak with customer service on 191 or Live Chat and they'll advise what options are open to you.

If your thinking of moving to sim only then it would be better if you purchased your next phone as sim free from the manufacturer or maybe as Payg or from places such as CEX or Game as two examples who buy and sell unwanted phones.

Current Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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Hey @JK0540 it's a great choice of phone! 

We can't put a payment on your next bill when you're purchasing outright I'm afraid - I'd recommend speaking to our Sales team over 191 from your Vodafone phone, 03333 040 191 from a landline, in store or online when you're ready to order. 

Your existing phone may still be in warranty meaning we could get it fixed, depending where you had it from and how long ago - take a look at our Repair Support page for more information 👍

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