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You don't need to do anymore than giving 30 days notice to cancel the 30 day SIM only

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4: Newbie

Hi Mod, 


1) Further issues, still awaiting a refund, can't access MyVodaFone and been told a refund coming several times. Nope. 



2) Took out a further 30 day sim for a relative visiting (V coverage best on West coast) PAC requested and given to TalkMobile - this was never processed by TM (now explained to me that TalkMobile PAYG PAC ins was refused as network closing and transferring to VPAYG (no notice given).


So my original sim refund fund never came, and I've been billed since May from V for a V subsidiary not processing a PAC request to my TM glove box payg phone. 


I only found all this out as my emergency glove box TM payg sim isn't working (when I needed it! Typical lol), a quick check shows Vodafone kept taking a Direct Debit because the PAC was not processed. 



Do Vodafone no longer email bill notification ? I have plenty of V offer emails but not one saying your bill is available ? ? 








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@Jayhey So we're able to look into this further with you, please contact our team directly using the information in the private message I've sent. 

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