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PPPoE username & password

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3: Seeker



I am currently using the vodafone connect router but wanted to change it for another model.


In order to configure the dsl it need the PPPoE username password. I contacted vodafone via chat but the chap told me that they cannot provide it because it is in their t&cs to use vodafone router only. However, I went on the t&cs as well and there's no mention that I cannot use another router.


From section 6.12

 You agree only to connect equipment to our network which bears the European Consumer Equipment Standards “CE” mark, and agree not to connect any equipment which may harm our network or any of our other customers.


That said, the router that i want to use is the Draytek Vigor 2860VN and it is CE certified.


Can anyone shed some light on this or it there any department that i can contact to get more details?




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Alienxists



As far as I'm aware Vodafone have advised your correctly and insist the router supplied is the one that is used on their services. 


This question has been discussed before in the forum too. It was the same outcome as far as I can remember. 


Im not sure on the T&C but I can only assume it's there current stance. 

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See 4.4-6 specifically.
Essentially, part of the agreement is that you install the Vodafone router and other accoutrements as per instructions, and if you decide not to, then you do not have guaranteed services & are in breach of the agreement.

Effectively, you *can* use another router, but they are under no obligation to provide you assistance with that, and in fact under the agreement can only provide instruction necessary to set up and use Vodafone supplied kit, meaning if they gave you any help in setting up third party stuff which they cannot be held responsible for, *they* would be breaking the terms.

and am not too bothered about the assistance bit but at least minimum details should be provided to connect

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17: Community Champion

Good find 👍🏻


Unfortunately then at this time they'll stick to their policy. 


Are you having problems with the supplied router or do you prefer your own one ?

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



I much prefer using my own.


But their policy does not even make sense. There's no clause that stipulates that they cannot provide us with these details

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I wouldn't disagree with you, but I don't think they're the only provider to insist you use their router.  The service is new, so it's quite possible they're keeping support simple intially.   This request crops up quite a lot, so it's possible the policy will change in future.


Some ISPs are fine with your own equipment, but some will just say "it must be your router" if you have a problem and don't use theirs - even if ti patently isn't that.

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I found these on another site re vodafone pppoe settings. I haven't used them myself but no harm trying them.


If you are setting up a modem router with Vodafone Broadband the settings are as follows:


Password: broadband
Encapsulation: PPPoE
Multiplexing: LLC
VPI: 8
VCI: 35

thanks. tried but didnt work.


tested on draytek vigor 2860vn

I think many could do with the PPPoE details.  The vodafone router is quickly becoming my most hated router (and I thought the Sky all in one unit was bad)


I feel somewhat mislead by Vodafone who exclaimed that their router was the best thing on the market.  The main reason I left sky was their restrictive terms bound you to using their device.  Now I'm stuck for a longer period with Vodafones useless offering.   


Hopefully when my new 3rd party router arrives, even in wireless bridge mode it should give more consistant wireless performance.   Shame I can't move the DNS scope.