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Paid my monthly bill twice by mistake

2: Seeker

Missed the billing date and had to pay by direct debit a week later, however I’d paid the day after online. This means that between last week and today I’ve paid twice and I’ve exceeded my overdraft limit. Could a representative please contact me to straighten this out.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @pcole87 


If you have paid twice the money will be as a credit on your bill and count towards the next months payment.


When you miss the direct debit date through insufficient funds in the account, Vodafone will make two further attempts to take the funds from the account and if the funds were available in the account there would be nothing that can be done to stop the money leaving the account.


As this was paid by direct debit you may be in a good position to raise this with your bank, they should be able to invoke the direct debit guarantee, this is the banks own guarantee and they are obliged to honour it, you will then have the money back in your account within 24 hours but not sure how this would affect the billing credit.



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