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Pay monthly

Pay monthly

1: Seeker

Hi, I ordered the brand new pay monthly iPad Air on Thursday morning and I received a confirmation and a proof of purchase email however I havnt heard anything since. I’m just wondering does this mean they’ve already done the credit check and it’s been approved or are they still doing the checks and there’s a chance it didn’t actually go through?

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16: Advanced member


I'd assume if you ordered Thursday morning then they'd have done the credit check then. 

It's more the case that the delay is related to stock. My friend ordered one direct from Apple and she won't get it till first week of November. 

Is there nowhere in your email to track order status?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @tanyaleigh 


Looking at the delivery timescale the device is available for free home delivery in 4-6 days.


Vodafone will keep you updated throughout the order process with regular email updates, when the device is out for delivery you will be able to track delivery online here: Orders and delivery 

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Hi @tanyaleigh!  You can keep track of your orders through your online account and our handy order tracker, which you can find here. If you have any further concerns about your order, you can also reach out to our Social Media team here 😊

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