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Pay monthly

Paying an extra charge over remaining months of my mob phone contract cost me my credit score

2: Seeker

Last August  (2020)I phoned home to Australia as I was in the throes of buying a place here in the UK and needed to call various banks, people etc. the additional charge was 172 quid and instead of paying this instantly, Vodafone offered me to pay it off in instalments on top of my monthly contracted charge. What they didn't tell me is that by doing this it would show as a 'non payment' against the communications contract section of my credit report. As a result my credit score has taken a huge hit and I have not been able to secure a mortgage as a first time buyer.  I am now filing a notice of Correction with Equifax so that future lenders can understand what this means as whilst its showing as a non payment by Vodafone, they took 75 quid per month for 3 months until I settled the balance (after discovering the black mark on my credit score) in December. I would like to raise a formal complaint with Vodafone for not disclosing the full terms and conditions of their pay later scheme, which is having a lingering effect on my credit score. Please advise how I can raise this, before reporting to the ombudsman.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Claire1988 


It's a shame you didn't check the charges for calling Australia from the website, there is an International Saver you could have added. This information is here: Calling Abroad from the UK 


I am sure that you were offered a payment plan with Vodafone to give you some time when you were unable to afford the charges, any payment plan will be reported against your credit file as a forewarning to other creditors but if the payments have cleared, this should now be marked as settled.  Unfortunately, any blemish on your credit file will not look pleasing with a mortgage lender.


If you would like to make contact with the Credit Team, send the Social Team a message here: Contact Us Alternatively, there is the complaints process with the code of practice here: Complaints 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Claire1988 


I totally understand and appreciate your viewpoint on this.

The Agent needed to be clear with you that agreeing to a Payment Plan can affect your Credit Score.


To escalate this is the Vodafone Code of Practice official link.


I wish you all the best with this. 

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