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Payment default after contract cancellation

2: Seeker

In 2014 I phone up Vodafone and cancelled my contract, I was assured at the time that I had paid in full on my contract. The reason for cancelling my contract was due to the fact that I would be living and working outside of the UK for the next 6 months. On my return to the UK I found that I had been issued with a payment default for a modest sum, which I paid immediately. At the time I contacted Vodafone to explain the situation and was assured that the payment default would be taken off my account as I had essentially benn given incorrect information when I cancelled my contract.


I would like to point out that upto canellation of my contract I had never missed a payment so surely this must have be odd for Vodafone at the time that I hadnt paid such a modest sum.


I have just applied for a mortgage and have been reject due to the Default payment Vodafone said they would remove from my file.


Can anyone provide me with further information as to how to proceed with getting the default payment removed from my credit report?



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17: Community Champion

Having a default can certainly be damaging @euanhunter which is something I'm aware of from my own personal experience. 

As a final bill can take 2-4 weeks to produce when notice is given its advised to leave the direct debit in place until it's paid and a sorry your leaving letter and £0 bill has been recieved to confirm all is paid up.

If Vodafone feel they have exhausted all means of collection and cannot communicate with the person then they can without prior warning engage a debt collection agencies and add a default to their Credit File that lasts 6 years even when paid off.

I appreciate you've been out of the UK. 

This needs investigating so please let the Vodafone Social Media Teams here catch up with your thread and they'll bring you in away from the open forum to pass security checks and engage their Credit File Specialist Team to investigate. 

I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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2: Seeker

Thanks for your comment.

I will wait for contact from Vodafone

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@euanhunter I'm sorry to hear this has happened, I understand how concerning having a default on your credit file must be. So one of our Credit Specialists is able to take a closer look into this and assist you further, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with us.

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