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Payment problems

2: Seeker

Hi. I tried paying my Vodafone bill on 14th April which was the Friday. But the transaction happened twice and I was charged a second time for my contract. After phoning Vodafone to sort this issue after it not coming out my account due to website glitch, and going  into my bank, both payments bounced back. The money came back today, so o then tried to pay my bill again of £32, I got a text to say thank you for my payment, which was fine. Not long ago I got a text from Vodafone to say that my bill is outstanding and if I didn't pay my bill then my plan would be suspended. 

This shouldn't be!! I have taken screenshots of my bank account and the text message to prove that I tried paying on time and then today, plus I gave the text that Vodafone sent me.

I've had enough of these messages. If I keep getting them, I will tell Vodafone to cancel my contract, and I won't even pay the remainder for the handset, I will send it back instead. And I will take my business elsewhere!!

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17: Community Champion



Please let the Vodafone Team here catch up with your thread and I'm sure they will help you with this situation. 

I can see your frustrated with this and rightly so. However if a person is past their 30 days cooling off period then they are locked in for the term of the contract. Giving notice after 30 days would result in an early termination fee which is the paying up of the remaining amount of months to go. Also not paying can result in a default bring reported on a person's credit file which lasts 6 years affecting things such as mortgage applications , loans and mobile phone contract applications. 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @LouisePyper


This is going to need some investigation from the Team here on the forum to find the reason for Vodafone failing to claim the payment.  Please don't worry.


If there is an issue with paying online through your account, you still need to settle the outstanding charges.  When you make a payment, when the transaction is not claimed by the merchant, it will go back to your account as it has done, this is not your fault.


Try making the payment using the automated payment service on 56677, this way the payment will go straight to your account and will be a lot quicker than paying through the online system and having the payment bounce back again.  


The last thing you need is a late payment marker when Vodafone have failed to claim the payment and you don't need a restriction on your phone.  


Please see the link below, it has more information and help for you.


How do I pay My Phone Bill?


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@LouisePyper So that we can look into this for you, please follow the steps provided in the private message that I've sent to you. A member of the team will then be in touch to help. 

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