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Pending order from 23/11

2: Seeker

Hi everyone! 


I would like to share with you my story, 


I was looking for some nice deals on Black Friday in Hotukdeals and I found it, Vodafone [Removed]was offering an amazing deal, Note 9 with 80GB of data for [Removed]. I said to myself, that is what I was looking for! 
I did place the order, and I received confirmation email says '' .. .your order will be processed manually for 1 working day...''. That was fine, from one day it becomes 2 weeks, 


Over two weeks I was following website and social media checking what is going now. They were extremely busy, which is understandable but after two weeks (11/12/2108) I have got email says that Vodafone has some problem with their system and they want to offer some other deals in other company. I was a bit upset because of waiting time and unprofessional behaviour. 


I decided to contact Vodafone, I went thru online chat, explained all situation and Vodafone said that they cannot help me in my situation but they can offer me a similar deal, so I said that great, Vodafone is really professional and known how to treat customers. They connect me to the lady who was dealing with ''joining Vodafone'', I have asked her to go thru all chat for a better understanding of my situation. After a while, she said that she contacted her team and they can offer me the same deal. I said to myself, WOW! that what means professionalism. I was really happy, she did ask me for my address and then she said that the order will come tomorrow.  Then she asked me what else I can do for you, I have asked for a confirmation email and she said that I will receive soon and the chat suddenly shut.


I never got the confirmation email and also she never asked me for my email and other information which was a bit strange for me.  But I said let me try to contact again to see if all is correct. Since yesterday the chat is busy and doesn't let me in.  


I was looking for a chat transcript but couldn't find it. I have got only part of a chat. See below.




Thanks for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly
Veronica: Hello, you're chatting with your Vodafone online sales specialist.
Daniel: Hi
Veronica: Hi Daniel🙂
How are you doing today?


How may I assist you today?

Daniel: I am a bit upset
Daniel: Since 23/11 I was waiting for my order
Daniel: Order was done via [Removed]
I am

truly sorry for any inconvenience.

We will

be happy to help you with that


from the new sales team actually, so I don't have access to customer accounts

due to security reasons. Let me transfer this chat to Customer Service. They

will assist you with this.


connected so I can arrange a transfer for you


allow me 2-4 minutes to arrange the

transfer to the services team.

Daniel: ok
Daniel: thank you
Veronica: My pleasure.
Veronica has left the chat
Please wait while you’re being transferred to the appropriate team.
Vodafone: All our agents are currently assisting other customers. The next available agent will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.
You are now chatting with Preeti
Preeti: Hi, you're chatting with Preeti . Let me quickly go through the chat, so that I can help you.
Daniel: Hi
Daniel: There is not a lot
Daniel: Let me explain the whole situation,
Preeti: Sure.
Preeti: Please explain Daniel.
Daniel: I have placed the order via in 23/11. I was waiting whole that time patiently, without asking what is going now. I have received today an email says that Vodaphone has some issue with system.
Daniel: Would you like to see the text?
Daniel: Order Number: 40519504Hi Daniel, We have been unable to process your order with Vodafone due to an error in their systems. We have made several attempts, and have repeatedly raised the issue with Vodafone, but they have been unable to resolve it. Please accept our sincere apologies on behalf of Vodafone. We have done everything possible, but after such a delay we don't want you to wait any longer. What we want is to offer you the best deal we can with another network partner. This offer is not available on our website and is exclusively for customers whom Vodafone is unable to process. One of our sales team will call you within the next 24 working hours to give you the details of this fantastic deal and process it for you if you'd like to proceed. We will contact you from an 01773-dialling code and will announce ourselves as calling from again, we are truly sorry that Vodafone have been unable to process your order, and assure you that we have done everything possible to try and resolve this, including offering you our very best alternative deal.Kind regards
Daniel: I am a bit upset because Black Friday deal was great and in some reason I am unable to get it.
Preeti: I can understand this Daniel.
Daniel: No communication from 23/11
Preeti: Please rest assure Daniel, I will quickly check the details and check what I can do best to make things easy for you.
Daniel: and right now there is some issue with system, that a bit of disappointing
Daniel: Thank you, hopefully, we can resolve that problem
Daniel: I believe that Vodafone is a professional company and care about customers.
Preeti: I will surely fix it for you.
We are sorry, but the agent was disconnected, please wait for agent reconnect
We're sorry for the delay, an agent should be with you shortly
You are now chatting with Jatin
Jatin: Hi, how can I help you today?
Daniel: Hi
Jatin: Please allow me a moment
Daniel: Sure
Jatin: I am sorry this is taking longer
Jatin: i am just going through the above chat
Daniel: No problem
Jatin: just to confirm, is this about the order from a third party?
Daniel: Yes, via
Jatin: Okay so let me fetch the account please and rest be assured we are always here to help you .
Jatin: do you have any order number?
Daniel: Ok, I will send you a very first email from them

Order Number: xxxxxxx Hi Daniel,Thank you for your order.Your Order Number is: xxxxxxx  can check the progress of your order online at any time: Happens Next? We automatically process security and credit checks, and dispatch orders up to 10pm weekdays and 4pm Sunday.If everything goes smoothly then the next email you'll receive will be a dispatch email containing a tracking reference. If we need to speak with you to help your order along, we may call or email you (up to 9pm), so keep an eye out. Your Order Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Black Vodafone Red Entertainment 32GB [Removed] (24mths)Unlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts80GB Data [Removed] a month ([Removed]before cashback) Plan Extras Customise your plan with Vodafone passes Free three-month Vodafone Secure Net trial Global Roaming Plus International Calling Tethering Your choice of free entertainment Includes [Removed] Monthly Discount Includes 48GB of Extra Data Spend Cap You have not set a monthly spend cap. You can set one by contacting your network. Offer: [Removed] Guaranteed Cashback Device:

FREE Delivery:

FREE Pay Today Total

FREE Delivery

Jatin: Thanks Daniel for the help
Jatin: just a moment
Daniel: Of course
Jatin: Daniel, we can understand the perception and we agree with you that it should have not happened and that you should have been informed earlier than that and believe me we really respect that you want to connect to us and we also want the same but i am afraid that if you would have contacted us directly without involving the third party in the purchase, i can guarantee you would have gotten the contract but as Vodafone does not regulate the third party, i am afraid that i can't comment on what went wrong. It is the third party who can give the answer to that.
Daniel: Well, for next time I will know, but I thought you as a Vodafone, you are choosing wisely who is representing your offers.
Daniel: Anyway, is there any chance to keep wolf full and sheep alive?
Daniel: Or Vodafone cannot help me at all?
Jatin: Daniel, i can't promise that you will get the same deal but we have a dedicated team who can help you with almost the similar deal.
Jatin: i will advise to give it a try.
Jatin: i am sure that you will get some great deals.
Daniel: Understand, I am with other company almost 6 years and I am a bit unhappy of their service for customers which are with them so long
Jatin: Daniel, we do understand and that i why i would advise that, if you could spare me a few minutes i can connect you to the dedicated team so that you can get the almost similar deal.
Daniel: I will appreciate that, thank you
Jatin: anytime for you🙂
Jatin: please stay connected.
Jatin has left the chat
Please wait while you’re being transferred to the appropriate team.
Vodafone: All our agents are currently assisting other customers. The next available agent will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.
Vodafone: All our agents are currently assisting other customers. The next available agent will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.




I would like to ask the Vodafone community, what I should do next?


Thank you for your understanding and help.


Kind regards



[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove advertising content please see Community Guidelines]


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I'm sorry to hear you've had a poor experience with us @Koper90. As we'll need access to your account to look into this for you, please contact us by following the instructions in the private message I've sent you.

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