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8: Helper

Can't do any thing about it now, but how can I find out what 'Picture Message' charges are for, I have the dates but did not send anything on WhatsApp or Text, so what could these charges be for, I have 6, at 55p each,

just so I don't do it again.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @widgetwilk39 


You have probably sent a long text message over 160 characters and this has been sent as MMS at 55p per message.  To avoid this happening again, send the text in two parts you also can block yourself from sending MMS through your Application or online account.


The pay monthly charges are here: Call Charges  As you can see picture messages are charged at 55p per message.


If you are sending a lot of picture messages you would benefit from an extra package, you will then be able to send unlimited picture messages for £2.50 per month. The information is here: Vodafone extras 


Alternatively, if your friends are on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or an alternative application, you will then be able to use your data allowance or send over WiFi without additional charges.

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8: Helper

Thanks, think I understand, but can't find them on my phone, but it could be long text,

but still think 6 over 5 days a lot, will keep check on that,

thanks again

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