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Port Fowarding on the Vodafone Connect HHG2500

3: Seeker

Hello All,

I was recently setting up a web server just to show a friend what I was making at a little project but when it comes to port forwarding I haven't been successful in viewing my web page from an external IP.


I can access it from within the network absolutely fine.

I have tried to port forward 9987 (for a teamspeak server) but to no avail either. 


Has anyone been able to successfully port forward?

My firmware version is



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Please speak with our Broadband Live Chat team who'll be able to provide further information regarding this. 

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3: Seeker

Hello ChazzD,

I have already tried this and they said that they could not help because it is a cusomter option/ 

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1: Seeker
Im also having the same problem and emailed the emaik and still got no where any other way of contacting them many thanks. Very dissapointed customer.
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Hi @soulstrider and @Bradleybs123


I'm sorry to hear our Broadband team couldn't provide you with the details you wanted. 


However, you may find this thread helpful. 



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17: Community Champion

It wouldnt be blocked on Vodafones network would it? Have you tried a trace?

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3: Seeker

@Nabs and @Bradleybs123


So update, after going back into the router and after being told that


"The forwarding was able however our latest firmware has removed it and as I say it is something that's being looked into but not guaranteed." 


I got it working (it seems even the people who claim they talk to the tech team can't even get solid information), i don't know whow I managed to SSH from my mobile on my 4g connection to my Raspberry Pi which is connected to my home broadband. I also managed to forward port and view my website from my mobile on 4g.


I will try and see if less standard ports (VOIP Ports) are able to be port forwarded.


 EDIT: Just managed to port forward ports 9987 for my VOIP server and connect to it from my phone on 4G.


To port forward all I did was set my PC/Pi to a static IP on the router I set it to expert mode, then under Settings I went to the IPv4 tab and then under the Static DHCP - Home Network section I set the IP of the devices I wanted to port forward to. After that I went to Internet then Port Management and under Port Mapping I set the ports that I needed to be open to the static IP i had just assigned and Presto, it works some how.


^ That's just in case anyone was wondering how I did it.



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17: Community Champion

@soulstrider that's not particularly useful! Why would they remove a core feature like that...


It sounds like the customer service are not quite up to speed on some of the features of their router. disappointing! 
Glad you've had some success though :-)

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3: Seeker



I have no idea. I can paste in the chat transcript if it helps haha. They also mentioned that the Static NAT/DMZ feature is something that is not supported by Vodafone but may come in the future.



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I'm trying to port foreard my FiveM server, which is on my PC, the port is 30120 on TCP & UDP, can't get it to work.


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