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Porting Nightmare

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

My boss had signal issues with EE and I recommended he move to Vodafone as I have a personal account and get good signal. Biggest mistake of my life! I set up a business account and ordered a pay monthly sim. When it arrived I went online to port his number over via a pac code. Unfortunately I had a blond moment and input my personal number instead of the new sim number. I phoned Vodafone as soon as I realised my mistake. I was assured it was sorted and told to wait 24hrs. I did and my personal number is disconnected but I can send/receive texts. If I make calls it shows as my bosses number and he can only take calls on the temporary sim number. I am probably going to lose my job over this. I understand the initial mistake was mine but since I have been promised 3 times it was sorted yet it’s still not. Can anyone help?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

My goodness what a mess.  When a port starts to go through it is impossible to stop the process @Knuttyju 

This is going to take a lot of unravelling to get your number reconnected back on personal and your bosses number moved to the new business contract in the company name.

The best way to get this solved is through the Social Team, they can be contacted through social channels here Contact Us 

Don’t I know it! I have made contact and will start the process again

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Don't do anything @Knuttyju , let the Social Team handle it.  Numbers don't port over a weekend on any network, leave it until Monday when the Social Team will be able to make sure it goes correctly.