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Positive Feedback for a member of Upgrades Team

2: Seeker



I'm hoping by posting here that positive feedback can get back to the relevant team. Just got off the phone with Thomas in the upgrades team (Northern Irish guy if that helps with narrowing down the right person). He was really helpful, informative and friendly and perhaps most importantly was able to help me get the deal I wanted. It was an excellent customer experience, and I wanted that to get back to his manager for performance reviews and any bonuses if those are available!


A related point: it would be great if alongside a 'complaints' section of the website there was also a 'praise' section so it was easier to provide this sort of feedback. I imagine complaints vastly outnumber praise, but by making it so difficult to work out how to provide positive feedback, I'm sure Vodafone is losing out on a lot of valuable feedback on areas they are performing well on.



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It's awesome to hear that Thomas made such a great impression on you @dwalkmore123! So we can make sure to pass your thanks on to the right person, we'll need access to your account. Pop a private message to us via one of our social channels and our team will be more than happy to pass this on for you 😁

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