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Premium rate SMS FAQ


Vodafone offer three ways of dealing with unwanted premium rate SMS:


1)     The majority of premium rate subscription services can be cancelled by sending STOP or STOP ALL to the short code number that sends you the messages. If there’s no short code, or the messages continue after you’ve done this, then you can always contact us and we’ll provide you with all the contact details for the company sending you the messages. Alternatively you can seek information on the offending company from the Phone-paid services Authority , the independent premium rate industry regulator.


2)     We also provide a reporting service for anyone who thinks they are receiving messages they haven’t asked for. The service is called SPAM and it’s completely free to use. Just forward the message that you receive to 7726 (a free number) and we’ll record on our database that you’ve received a spam message. Once we’ve collated evidence on offending companies, we’re then in a position to take appropriate action. This could range from financial penalties, to temporary or even permanent suspensions of the individual services on our network.


3)     Premium rate SMS bar - The Bar will block all incoming Premium Rate charged SMS messages being sent from and coming to your phone, and as such you won’t be able to use any kind of Premium SMS service. Television voting, polls, competitions and any other kind of offers which say “Text EXAMPLE to 00000″ will no longer work on your mobile. Just Text Giving (the charity donation system won't work either). It won’t stop WAP push messages or MMS from reaching your mobile, but these aren’t normally chargeable anyway unless you follow the links within them. To apply the bar contact us here and we'll get it added.

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