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Premium rate scam

2: Seeker


I have been targeted by a premium rate scam where I am being charged £4.50 per week for I don't know what. the reference is "MyConte02037403517" - has anyone else had this?  I have called the number on my bill and it is just a messaging service which says I will be called back in 48 hours. I am still being charged. Vodafone have blocked my number from receiving anything from other premium rate companies however they cannot cancel the charges. I am not receiving any text messages etc so I cannot reply saying "STOP ALL" as you can with others.

Has anyone else had this and successfully stopped it without having to get a new number?!


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17: Community Champion

There are only a few things you can do in the face of a scam.   The solution provided is comprehensive and will stop further messages, but will also affect things like making charitable donations or paying for parking.

It's worth taking this up with the regulator.   This changes and used to be PhonepayPlus, but I'm not sure if it still is.   What they can do may be limited if the originator is offshore, though.

Replying to unsolicited texts is risky as they're often send to random numbers and a ressponse may only confirm that they've found a live number.   If they're a scam, they probably won't stop when told to, either.

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1: Seeker

I've just discovered the same thing £4.50 has been charged to my account for the past 8 weeks.  Vodafone customer service said they'd put me through to the number - which rang ... and rang ... and rang and then told me that the extension number I was calling was not manned.  Really fed up.  Anyone got a fix for this?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Sophie2017 @aq66


I replied to a thread yesterday where the poster was having a very similar issue.

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3: Seeker

I got the same problem.... 

But s searching between my message as I found a message :

FreeMsg: Thank you for subscribing to MyContent for £4.50 per week from Nexgen Ltd until you text STOP to 64055. HELP? 02037403517


And i didn't subscribe my self nowhere... I whant to send the message whit STOP but i gonna need to pay for it.... 

It's very unfaire.... 

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17: Community Champion

If you receive a message like this, always check your account to make sure you've actually been charged.  Some are purely spam and designed to get you to reply asking them to stop.  Doing so just confirms that your number is live and you'll get even more spam.

If you have been charged, you can apply a Premium Rate Bar to your account but this will, as mentioned above, affect things like making charitable donations and paying for parking.   You may be able to mitigate this by applying the bar to incoming messages only.

As regards refunds, the regulator may be able to help.

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