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Problems Getting and Setting up New Contract with Existing Account

2: Seeker

Hello All,


Just wondering if anyone else has had and share light on this experience:
I'm wanting to take out a monthly sim-only contract; I've purchased the phone separately. I have an existing Vodafone account, but have only ever used Pay As You Go. Whenever I try to add the contract to my basket and type in all the necessary details, I am informed that my email address is associated with an existing account (which I would expect) and am advised to login to my account to proceed with the process. When I do so, I am informed that I cannot login to this particular 'section', as I am only a PAYG customer. I am then taken back to the landing page where I have to start from scratch again. I've had no issues logging in with the account itself, and have been discussing the issue with the chat team, who I have to say have been exceptionally courteous and helpful throughout. Unfortunately, it appears as though the issue hasn't been completely resolved.

I've also attempted to complete the process without tying the new contract to my existing account, but have either been informed that my ID could not be verified, or the transaction could not go through. It's pretty strange.

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17: Community Champion

Are you able to try a different email address @brandonlwilkins 


Also try clearing the cookies and cache of your browser and or try another browser.


Unfortunately a Payg and Pay Monthly contract cannot be merged on the same myvodafone.


You would need to have two myvodafone accounts with different email addresses and passwords.


That or contact Vodafone by phone or Live Chat to open up a sim only contract or pop into a Vodafone Highstreet Store if local to you.

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2: Seeker


Perfect, thank you for clarifying. Do you think if I were to change the email address associated with my PAYG account to an alternative address, then I would be able set up the monthly account with that old email address (it's the one I use the most, so would make sense to link it and the contract together)?

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