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Problems with Zinc collections and a disputed account that Carphone Warehouse should have cancelled

2: Seeker

I  ordered a sim only deal through Carphone Warehouse at the end of May. The SIM never arrived, I reported it to them and they told be that they would send another to one of their stores and I could collect it, when they reopen in 1 months time! I said that this was not satisfactory and as they had breached the contract they should cancel it, they agreed.  However they apparently did nothing. They also failed to email me a copy of the chatline conversation! I cancelled the direct debit that had already been set up and went direct to Vodafone online and ordered another sim only deal which is operating satisfactorily.  Until last week I had heard nothing further, however I am now being chased by Zinc Collections for payment of the deal that CW never cancelled. I have explained the situation to them but their attitude appears to somewhat confrontational, what should i do?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @jurrasic2110 


The problem you are going to have is you were a Carphone Warehouse customer and not a Vodafone direct customer and that means your complaint and issue will be with Carphone Warehouse.


Carphone warehouse were responsible for setting up, selling the SIM only contract and despatching the SIM to your address.  You should have received some email confirmation of the order with all the Terms and Conditions and this would have given returns and exchanges information.  From what you have written Carphone cancelled the SIM but failed to cancel the account side with Vodafone. As you never received the SIM I am even wondering if there has been some fraudulent activity.


You need to raise a full complaint with Carphone and follow the complaints process, if you use Google you can see how this can do done.  Also, look at Resolver.


You can contact Vodafone through the Social channels from this link Contact the Social Team as you are a Vodafone customer they may be able to help but may advise you to return to the point of purchase.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @jurrasic2110 


Certainly an unfortunate situation. :Sad_face:

As you've advised the Debt Collection Agency of the particulars of the situation they should now refer the file back to the original department that's engaged them to proceed with collection's and out further collection attempts on hold.

Also please do check your Credit File as an entry may have been made such as a Default which if left unchecked will last for 6 years creating issues when applying for further credit and mortgages , loans , overdrafts etc.

This is a help thread I put together with advice within such as what a Notice of Correction is and when one is applicable.


I agree with @AnnS that Carphone Warehouse need to be contacted for there support departments to sort this out for you.

Our complaints policy (and how to make a complaint) 

I wish you all the best with this situation. 


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