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Proof of usage and proof of purchase

2: Seeker

I have problem with my proof of purchase and proof of usage because im on monthly contract and i have request the proof of purchase and proof of usage by filling online forms few times and do not get any answer from Vodafone and when I trying to contact Vodafone I got information that they can not answer my call because of the covid19 situation in few days time my insurance will cancel my claim what can I do now. 

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17: Community Champion

I'd do two things.

Firstly, contact your insurer and explain that, in the present circumstances, you're having trouble getting the necessary information.   They really should give you an extension.

Second, contact the Vodafone Social Media Team through Facebook or Twitter and ask them to investigate this for you.   Response times are necessarily a little longer than normal, but they should be able to get the documents you need.

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