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Quidco Cashback

3: Seeker

Evening all,


I have had a recent Quidco cashback claim declined by Vodafone.  Quidco say they cannot do anything about it as it was Vodafone's decision.  I would like to know who I can contact at Vodafone to ask why it was declined and hopefully sort it out as I did purchase fibre online and the cashback was for £80. 

I have tried asking for advice over chat, but that was a complete waste of time, the overseas call centres are useless.  They couldn't even understand my question. 






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17: Community Champion

Hi @robuk360


If Quidco are telling you it's Vodafone's fauly, don't tolerate that nonsense, cashback sites will tell you anything to get out of paying the cashback.  You need to go back to them and tell them that the cashback promise was made by Quidco and is nothing to do with Vodafone.


When you made the purchase, you would have gone through an affiliate window to the Vodafone website, this would have meant Vodafone would have paid Quidco a generate rate of commission for selling the contract. Quidco now owe you a percentage of that commission which they are making every effort to get out of paying.


Take a look at the Quidco Facebook, you may be able to get a good response through Social Media.

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