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Received a txt…. 'Technical Discrepancy' then cut off

4: Newbie

Oh Vodafone, you've now managed to take your incompetence to the next level.  I have been  customer for the last 20 years and I'm not at the point where I have just had enough (although I do question why it's taken me so long to come to this conclusion.

I do reminisce that 'back in the day' when I first joined, customer service was king, your monthly allowance rolled over every month, oh how I miss those days.  I appreciate that rolling over allowances is more or less irrelevant in the day and age and, I get it that things move on.  However, customer service is something that should always be maintained.

I was due to be able to upgrade my phone from 13th of September, to which I did.  I wanted the Galaxy Note 10 5G 512mb.  But, seeing as you don't do this direct, I thought I would do it via carphonewarehouse.  Ordered the phone online on Friday, had all the confirmations that all going through and theat it would be delivered on Saturday.  Asked if I needed a new SIM as was going to 5G and didn't know if I needed it changed, was told I did.  No problem, SIM's have had to be changed over the years before due to shape and size etc.

So, my existing SIM no longer worked on Friday, I'm thinking great, it going through and they have processed a new SIM.  Received my parcel of loveliness on Saturday, plugged it in all good, new SIM working and phone up and running.  Just so you know, I chose the 5G contract that was for the fasted speed available for £79 a month with a £79 upfront price.

Then to my amazement, I received the following txt on Wednesday which I thought was a fake as the grammar was so poor and, that there was no offer of contacting someone at Vodafone to discuss further.



We are having to disconnect your mobile number as a part of rectifying a technical discrepancy.  We will try to reconnect the number as soon as possible.  This inconvenience is deeply regretted.




Excuse me?!?? You're telling me by text you're going to cut me off with no resolution in sight? I thought it was a scam as it was so poorly written.  But nope, how wrong could I be.

I contact Vodafone by online chat as I wanted to be able to understand what I was being told and, to have a record of it.  Oh my, it was like being on a merry-go-round and I couldn't get off.  Once they worked out and it finally sunk in that I wanted to find out why I had been cut off for this 'technical discrepancy' I was finally transferred to someone in 'technical'.  Here we go again, back on the merry-go-round while they wasted my time going back through the chat to understand what the problem is.  The upshot of this conversation is that apparently, carphonewarehouse cancelled the upgrade.  'Tehcnical'  wanted to re-activate my old SIM card and all would be working.  Whoa there neddy, no I don't think so.  You reactivate the SIM you cut off and apply the upgrade to the account that to be honest, I've paid £79 upfront and will be increasing my monthly payment to £79 a month.

I'm not interested who is to blame here as a customer from my perspective, I've agreed to an upgrade through a 3rd party and you (vodafone) have cut me off.  I would say I'll stop paying my bill but, Vodafone will take screwing the customer to a whole new level in respect of unpaid bills.  Hmm..

Sending a text telling me you're going to cut me off with no resolution in sight is not an acceptable practice.  Try speaking to your customers.

Whilst I'm sure this will make no difference to Vodafone but I'm considering paying off the final 2 months and then leaving, I've had enough.


This is the second time I've had to post this as the forum marked the first one as spam.....

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17: Community Champion

I'm a little confused @AFM as the Vodafone Online Shop clearly shows the Samsung Note 10+ 5G as an available choice.


That said I appreciate you have gone via a 3rd party i.e CPW so your now their customer but Vodafone do need to make sure your connected !


As there is no account access via this forum anymore I'd suggest to speak to the Vodafone Social Media Teams Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries to see if they can assist.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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4: Newbie

They do indeed. But, not the 512mb option.


To be honest,  I don't care who now 'owns' the account, the message was from Vodafone and it was they who cut me off.  Therefore, Vodafone need to reinstate it.  Not only that, my direct debits get paid direct to Vodafone.  Whatever happens 'backend' and however this is dealt with, between companies is not my problem.

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@AFM I'm really sorry to hear this has happened and you've had this experience with us since upgrading, I certainly appreciate just how unsatisfying and frustrating this must be. As part of our customer promise, we want to get all of your concerns addressed immediately! Please send us a private message via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or contact us on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Don't forget to include the link to this thread, along with your username and we'll get your account looked into right away! 

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