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Remove number from account.

2: Seeker



My account has both my wife’s phone and mine on it.  We are getting divorced and I want to get my account down to just my number, and my wife to have her own account.


Any way to do this?




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16: Advanced member

There's a couple of things to consider here:

  • The account is in your name so you're ultimately liable (you know this so apologies for stating the obvious)
  • How far into your contact are you on your wife's line specifically?

If you're in contract (so would get early termination fees) then speak to your wife about whether she'd be willing to take over responsibility for that line. They would credit check her and then move her line into her name with the existing deal, and terms carried over.

If you're not in contact then just get a PAC code for your wife's number and port it to PAYG on another network (takes 1 working day). Your wife would then be free to migrate back to contact with her chosen network

If you're in contract and things aren't great then you may need to either take the hit on an ETC or keep it on your account for now.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Agraham107107 


You are going to need change ownership of your Wife's number. 


Follow the link below to make your agreement and for your Wife to accept ownership of the contract. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will be able to enter the number you wish to change ownership.  This will be subject to your Wife meeting the necessary identity and credit check and you will receive confirmation when completed to let you know you no longer have any responsibility towards the number.

Transferring your number/agreement 


edit:  sorry @donnyguy  I didn't know you had posted until I clicked post message.

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