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Pay monthly

Retention offer not applied

4: Newbie

Hi guys, i have having yet more issues with Vodafone CS, I got a call from outbound retentions which offered a deal including 1 month free.


The 30% discount has been added however the credit for the free month hasnt been applied, I have rang 191, who looked into it, but apparently they cant find the call recording, so they offered me a £5 credit as good will.....


Can someone with some ability to find call recordings, please listen to it and put my free month credit onto my account,


I spoke with Jordan in outbound retentions on the 31st October who I believe lied to me to keep me as a customer and hit his retention targets.


After the issues I had 2 years ago trying to join the network I should never have trusted the ability in customer care and not been lied to....

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3: Seeker

Had the exact same problem with signal issues, compensation was promised and never credited


They are only interested in you signing contracts, not any problems you have


I am currently experienceing unstable 4g connection since them installing a new mast in my area and after 4 calls I have given up, the last "technical adviser" told me it takes a while for 4G to stabilise and to give it time


Pretty sure they read from books for dummies whilst advising customers

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Cjp2k


If you have been promisted one months free line rental on a retention deal, the credit will generally be applied to the second bill.  The reason for this is because the credit is for a full months line rental and with the changeover on the 31st October, the following months bill will be on a proratered basis, and you would also have 30 days to reject the upgrade.


When you receive your November bill, you will be able to see the proratered dates and the tariff change and will have something to go on.  However, the credit will most probably be on the December bill and you will be able to see the credit on the phone application for next months bill.  Customer Services will be able to confirm this for you but if you still have questions, the Team on the forum will pick up the thread.


Hope that helps.

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