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Retention's offered a discount, Voda can't locate renewal transcript, will not honour agreement.

2: Seeker

Some further contact with a Vodafone contact would be helpful here. Been on chat for 2 hours and they will not give me alternative contact details to chat further, so I am on here.


Overview - 29th March I spoke on chat to renew contract (2 phones). Said I could do it now, couldnt offer any better than offered on Voda site or what I could accept myself online. I said I will think about renewal, shop around and select renewal myself online. Persistent, passes me to what I make assumption is UK retention person. Chat continues online. I explain a moment last year i was not happy with service, they offer to increase my credit limit (which was lowered unexplainably) so I can go to the USA for 14 days and not be barred! and 1 month free for one of my numbers. I ask for both numbers 1 month free, he speaks to his manager, agrees 1 month free for 2 numbers. Online chat continues --- t&cs posted, I agree. Deal is done.


Welcome to Voda emails arrive, no chat transcript despite requesting one.


15th May check my bill. No discounts. Try to call but diverted to chat online. Chat involved losing a customer support rep, reconnecting to another and over 2 hours. Upshot is - Firstly no record of my renewing/order numbers for 2 mobiles until I give them refs, time, dates and ask do I have a copy of the transcript? No. Do Vodafone have a copy of the transcript? No?


How do I get a copy of the transcript? I kept saying to the gentlement on chat. If you don't have a copy of it then you have no evidence I accepted your t&cs, so you must have it?


BTW I made sure I requested a copy of the transcript from this chat and low behold, nothing arrives (again) but I did take a full screenshot.


I'd like my agree'd 1 months free which formed the basis for my renewal - who do I speak to? Neither do i believe that this transcript doesnt exist for Voda's protection.


Thank you.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @A-Degnan 


If you are asking about your one months free line rental, the credit will usually be on the second bill after upgrade.   The reason for this is the credit is for one full month and the first bill after upgrade is on a pro ratered basis, you would also have 30 days to reject the upgrade and have your tariff returned to pre upgrade status.


The quickest way to get this clarified is to go back to the same Customer Service route. Alternatively, the Team on the forum will read the thread and advise how to get in contact for account access.



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2: Seeker

@AnnS Are you psychic? :Smiling:


Yes I was offered one months free line rental for 2 numbers on the upgrade.

But the online chat people will not acknowledge it at all without me providing a transcript id.

What you say makes sense except I just checked billing date - 

13 May 2019 to 12 Jun 2019

So thats a full month billed at correct full month charge, no pro rata..... no credits.


"The quickest way to get this clarified is to go back to the same Customer Service route" - I have no faith that will work. Part of this 2 hours was the chat rep going back to his manager twice to "convince" them. They say, no record of any chat transcript at their end. (or accepting t&cs therefore?)

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Hi @A-Degnan, it's disappointing to hear you've had this kind of experience with us, it's not something we want for any of our customers. So we can turn this experience around, please drop a Private Message to our Facebook or Twitter page, we'll be happy to look into this and come up with a suitable resolution for you.

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