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Reward Amazon £110 voucher not received

1: Seeker

I took out a SIM only deal on 11th August for my son.  The deal promised £110 Amazon vouchers after 120 days. - that will be nice, just in time for xmas I thought.  This was up on 9th Dec but I never received anything.


I had an email on 11th Dec from vodafone saying 'thankyou for submitting your details form the £110 amazon giftcard...the voucher will be sent to the email address provided after 120 days...."


It also said if there were any issues to contact giftcloud - I have and they say that it hasn't processed as "vodafone needs to approve this reward as a gesture of goodwill as they have not successfully tracked this purchase"...they will update as soon as they get a reply from vodafone.


I've tried chasing this up via livechat and twitter but no repsonse.


Any help would be appreciated.



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@black2908 When you took out the SIM only plan, was this done directly through us or via a third party? I can't say I'm familiar with this offer but we'll do anything we can to help out. 

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1: Seeker

I have also had this problem. Followed all the links when signing up and kept the emails but received nothing. 

The only reason I switched was for the offer 

please help 

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1: Seeker

I was advised to go into my local Vodafone store. I took in the email confirmation I had and they added a note to my account and advised I contact giftcloud.


At the same time I also registered a compliant via the Vodafone website.


I received the voucher yesterday. 9 days late but glad they finally paid out.


Not sure whether it was the visit to store or complaint that helped resolve it  so I would do both.


Hope this helps.

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