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Roam Further - receiving calls free???

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi Guys,


I’m currently in a roam further destination and just want some clarification. 


I’ve turned off data roaming, opted into roam further and am only receiving calls (inbound) from the U.K.  from the website it looks like this should be free. 


In the vodafone app it’s showing as additional charges for “making or receiving calls abroad” however there is no phone number shown - just my own number. 


Is this a quirk of the mobile app and when my bill is generated they will be zeroed or have I messed up here in my understanding?






17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @RobCoh


Vodafone will only make the roam further charge when the phone has been used for an outgoing activity, you are not charged for anything incoming.


As well as turning off your data roaming, it is advisable to turn off mobile data.  It is also advisable to turn off voicemail.


When you return to the UK and have received your bill, if there is anything incorrect, you will be able to raise this with Customer Services.

Thank you @AnnS. Data is definitely off and VM is deactivated permenantely.


My concern is that the app looks like it’s charging me - but I know that 

a) incoming should be free

b) if they were outgoing it would have triggered the £6 daily charge


I think it should be fine and is just a quirk on the app but wanted to make sure my understanding was correct. 

13: Advanced Member

I think you're right that it's just a quirk! From the way that the app is talked up for PAYG, I suspect that they have plans to start showing some "real" PAYG account information within the app in due course. So it could be provision for that, since Roam Further doesn't exist for PAYG. Or it could just be provision for the possibility of you moving on to a non-Roam Further destination, in which case incoming calls would be chargeable.

Do you normally see details of incoming callers on your account? I'm reasonably sure that I see my own number rather than the caller, in such circumstances that it lists the call at all. Obviously my phone shows me who has called me, but that's different!

Argh... it gets even worse. 


I spoke to customer services yesterday. The only time I’ve made an outbound call and it has triggered the £6 standing charge. 


Surely that can’t be right?


The website says that it’s “from abroad (free from a Vodafone mobile)”

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @RobCoh


This is an unbilled charge. Wait until you are back in the UK and have received your bill, this will give you something to go on when contacting Customer Services. 

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey Rob, we'll be more than happy to access your account and take a look into any charges you're not 100% certain of. 

If you'd like us to do this, please complete the form included in the private message that I've sent out to you; one of our team will be in touch.