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Saving/recording a voicemail from a deceased loved one

2: Seeker

My dad passed away yesterday, he left me a few voicemails a couple of weeks ago telling me that he loved and missed me. I have these saved to my voicemail inbox but they will only be saved for 7 days. 

I'm desperately looking for a way to save a file of these voicemails so I can keep these messages from him forever.

I have contacted vodafone on 3 separate occasions to receive different answers each time. The last time I called them and they advised me it would not be possible in any capacity. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get round this or find a way to save them myself? I'm desperate. I've already tried used call recording apps to record a phonecall that plays the messages but as its automated it didn't record anything. Please help me, the customer service teams have been useless.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Redcharlie17 


This is certainly possible and a Google search using download voicemails PC throws up a list of options for recording software downloads.  There is a guide on this link here 


With the recording software programme on the PC, and with the phone on speaker phone, you should be able to save the recording to a PC including emailing yourself a copy and definitely back up on a memory stick and back up again.


I know just how awful it is to lose valuable voicemails especially when the messages would have been left by your Father -  good luck.

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17: Community Champion

I fully understand how you feel @Redcharlie17 

I lost one from my Mum which she left me and passed away shortly .after.

I'm not aware of any app or software and your right the Voicemail can eventually drop off.

Are you able to use a recording device to record the Voicemail when you play it on loudspeaker ? Just a thought.

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4: Newbie

If they chose to do so they could send you the voice recordings tomorrow as they do this for the police all the time.  It’s just that there is no Customer Service process to do this.  Twitter often works well as does a call out to the Head of Public Relations cc a few well known journalists.  Go high and go hard.

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