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Securenet incorrectly blocking by website.

2: Seeker


Vodafone securenet is blocking my website incorectly as harmful or dangerous, i have had the website checked by google tools and the website is showing as fine. We have multiple websites on this server linked to our company so this shows the server must be ok as vodafone isnt blocking the other sites. 


this is causing substantial financial loss as clients can not access our site and we are paying for online advertising. It is also causing reputation damage to the business. 


I have made several calls to the support line - they find it hard to understand me and are asking me to contact each client individuallly which is just unrealistic considering we dont know who is clickin on our adverts to use our contact forms. 


we have seen other posts on this forum where the same issue has been resolved by secure net allowing the site to be accessed.


can anyone help?





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2: Seeker

securenet is also blocking my website i have been on multiple online chats and been on hold for hours.


can you please help?

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@jhamilton75389 We'd be happy to have your website reviewed by our specialists 🙂

So we're able to do this, can you please reply with the link which is being blocked? 

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2: Seeker

Secure net blocking all news links fron evening standard Twitter feed. This has only just started and needs to be reverted 



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@mumhewitt Apologies for the delay in reaching your post! This has since been raised to our specialists and we were advised that this was resolved. If you're still experiencing issues, please get back to us with the link that you're trying to access.

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