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Separating or distinguishing personal and business calls in my monthly bill

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As a busy mum I mainly use my pay monthly personal contract mobile for personal calls and texts, but as a freelancer, I also use it for my part-time small business. I don't earn enough to warrant getting a business mobile contract. Is there a way to easily distinguish on my monthly bills which calls are for my business (by me using an asterisk or something similar before or after the dialed number)? It would really help me to know when sorting things for my business accounts at the end of the financial year.





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17: Community Champion

Hi @rachelarthur21


Unfortunatley I don't believe Vodafones systems can do this for you. 

It's possibly something you'd have to mark manually on your bill when sent. 

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I know that Pay Monthly accounts are a lot more complicated, so the facility may not be available, but for a PAYG online account I can do this easily.

I go to my recent usage, which goes back over upto 90 days, select all usage, then fine it down to calls only. By default it is sorted by date, but I can then click on the top of the Number column, and sort by number, either up or down. It's easy to copy and paste into a spreadsheet, so by checking every couple of months it would be easy to assemble the data across a full year. Similar trick for texts, if you also need that.

The data must surely be available somewhere within your account, possibly via the My Vodafone app, which I think is properly associated with the online account, unlike the PAYG version of the app. I hope you find it as easily retrievable as the PAYG info!

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17: Community Champion

If this is a contract, presmably you have inclusive calls, so calculating individual costs is difficult or at least time-consuming.   The chances are you can simply put down a proportion of the cost to business - your accountant, if you have one, or even HMRC, should be able to advise.   I'd have thought anywhere between 30 and 80% would be reasonable, depending on the rough split.

I also freelance and claim an appropriate proprtion of relevant bills.  Bear in mind that, if you also use for phone for emails, that comes into the usage equation as well.