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Sim only poor deals

2: Seeker

My partner is looking to change to a sim only deal and contacted vodaphone for a deal. It seems the same old story if you are new you can have a choice of deals including incentives on Uswitch . If your loyal and been with Vodaphone many years you get nothing but bad deals Why.???


My other half is now considering a £10 pound deal with Virgin £10 for 10GB of data  5000 minutes and unlimited text upmost being forced to leave.


Vodaphone are offering 1GB for £11 pound 


Joke really has any one else experienced the same.........

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17: Community Champion

As far as I'm aware Vodafone offer a fair deal where new and existing customers get the same  / similar deals @dazling9 


If a person is at the end of their current contract term, not an early upgrade stage  and want to upgrade then sometimes a sweeter deal can be brokered by calling 191 and choosing the Thinking of Leaving option which gets a person through to Vodafone Retentions Team.


It is sometimes beneficial to shop around but please do take into account if a person moves network using a Pac or giving 30 days notice then it's an idea to check out the new network via a Payg sim card where they live , work and commute as not all networks offer the same signal and data speeds in the same areas.


If the phone has been supplied by Vodafone then it will be locked to the network and will need unlocking via an unlock-code-request.


So a person may get a better deal monetary wise but then not have a good user experience from diminished signal and data connection to use their allowances of minutes , texts and data.


Virgin is a MVNO that uses EE so please do check them out but do not rely on online network checkers as they only give an indication of signal and not a guarantee.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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17: Community Champion

@dazling9 wrote:

My partner is looking to change to a sim only deal and contacted vodaphone for a deal. It seems the same old story if you are new you can have a choice of deals including incentives on Uswitch .


Incentives like that are not offered by Vodafone but by their marketing partners taken out of the commission they earn from Vodafone for promoting their products. The process is called Affiliate Marketing. That is why you can get cheaper deals than by dealing with the network direct. It's the same as travel agents being able to offer discounts on holidays that tour operators can't.




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10: Established

It should also be noted that most of the deals available through uSwitch are "Basic SIM deals" - they are fixed 12 month term with no Tariff changes or upgrades to a handset during that time, do not offer ANY International Roaming, have bars on certain types of numbers, and more.


Vodafone's standard deals offer FULL European  Roaming, and allow an Upgrade to a Handset after 3 months without penalty, the ability to move to a plan with a higher data allowance and more.


Other SIM Only offers on uSwitch are CashBack offers, with all the associated pitfalls involved there.


As has been mentioned, if you call Vodafone direct and choose the "Thinking Of Leaving" option, you almost certainly will get a better deal than the ones on their website.

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